The kitchen – our philosophy

“It makes more sense to bring on table the solid gastronomic culture than trends, passing for definition. Italy is a spectacular country, with great artisans and raw materials you can only dream of elsewhere. – says Chef Fundim – I choose and personally select my suppliers because to Antico Arco everything must be in line with our philosophy and ethics of cooking “.

The kitchen of Fundim Gjepali is made of thought and substance, always aimed at enhancing the tradition, raw material and season. A concept at the base of an always rich menu that includes great classics of Roman cuisine reinterpreted in a contemporary version. These dishes made the history of Antico Arco, resisting the passing fashions.

“Amatriciana, Carbonara, Cacio and Pepe are now part of me. – The Chef always tells us – We have revisited them according to the style of Antico Arco, choosing high quality raw materials, keeping the traditional taste unchanged but in a lighter, more modern version, more suited to the tastes of our international clientele “.

Along with traditional dishes there are always new and refined proposals of the Chef that combine elegance, territory, culture and flavor, thought in the same unmistakable style of the restaurant.