Menu a la carte

Our menu includes vegetarian options and gluten free dishes.
For more information on the ingredients in our dishes in regards to your dietary requirements, feel free to inquire with our staff.

Raw and Cooked

Snapper ceviche and sweet potatoes €20

Amber jack tartare, ginger and spinach sprouts €20

Lemongrass marinated carpaccio sea bass with artichokes and herbs €20

Open kebab slightly spicy €18

Roasted and boneless pigeon, springs onion and porto sauce €19

Scallop on cabbage aioli and turnip greens €20

Crispy buffalo mozzarella, Sardinian tuna roe and confit cherry tomatoes €18

Roman traditional pasta

Spaghetti with garlic, oil, red pepper and bottarga with lemon zest €20

Homemade tortelli with Roman Oxtail Stew €17

Spaghetti with pecorino cheese, black pepper and crispy zucchini flowers €17

Carbonara sauce with small macaroni and black truffle €20

The other pasta

‘Orecchiette’ pasta with baby squid stew and caciocavallo cheese €18

Risotto with castelmagno and Nebbiolo sauce €20

Homemade ravioli with stravecchio parmesan cheese, egg yolk and traditional balsamic vinegar €20


Raw Piedmontese meat, smoked foie gras and caper powder €29

Beef tenderloin with mustard grains and braised Belgian endive €30

Suckling pig with honey, red fruits and white turnip €29

Mulard duck breast, wild carrots and prunes chutney€29


Tuna with browned cardoncelli mushrooms and mizuna leaves €30

Baked sea bass fillet, ‘puntarelle’ with vinaigrette, olive oil, salt and pepper €26

Amberjack with cauliflower cream, hazelnuts and lemon thyme €30

Salads, cheese

Selection of cheeses, our compotes and warm bread €18

All the seasonal vegetables in our menu are also available as a side dish