Menu a la carte

Our menu includes vegetarian options and gluten free dishes.
For more information on the ingredients in our dishes in regards to your dietary requirements, feel free to inquire with our staff.

Raw and Cooked

Cantabric sea anchovies ‘tozzetto’, butter and lemon €18

Snapper ceviche and sweet potatoes €20

Amber jack tartare, ginger and green beans €20

Sea bass and mango carpaccio €20

Amber jack tartare, lime, ginger and green beans €20

Porto Santo Spirito’s anchovies, tomato and burrata cheese €16

Roasted and boneless pigeon, friarelli broccoli €19

Lime salted cod petals with tarragon asparagus €18

Crispy buffalo mozzarella, Sardinian tuna roe and candied cherry tomatoes€18


Linguine with pesto and toasted almonds €18

Spaghetti Verrigni with pecorino cheese, black pepper and crispy zucchini flowers €17

Homemade meat tortelli with seared potatoes, carrots and ginger centrifuge €18

Spaghetti Verrigni with carbonara sauce and black truffle €19

‘Norma’ style small Maccaroni Verrigni €16

Risotto with snapper ceviche and burrata cheese €20

Homemade tagliolini with mullet roe and sea bass pulp €20

Meat and fish

Piedmonts’ beef steak tartare, smoked foie gras €28

Beef tenderloin with mustard grains and browned Belgian endive €30

Rack of lamb, potatoes, shallots and juniper €30

Mulard duck breast, wild carrots with ginger and prunes chutney€28

Tuna with browned asparagus €30

Snapper with dry tomatoes, capers and panzanella €30

Baked sea bass fillet, marinated zucchini and, anchovies mayonnaise €30

Salads, cheese

Grilled vegetables with small piedmonts’ toma cheese €14

Selection of cheeses, our compotes and warm bread €18

Seasonal sides