Crispy buffalo mozzarella, Sardinian tuna roe and tomato confit

Intense and delicate, it is a triumph of mediterraneity and is called. “Crispy buffalo mozzarella, Sardinian tuna roe and tomato confit”. It is one of the signature dishes of Antico Arco Restaurant that time has not damaged and chef Fundim Gjepali has refined, pleased to share today the simple secrets of a good preparation.

The eye will be fascinated by the gilding of phyllo pastry, immediately followed by its characteristic crunchiness ready to tickle the palate. Then comes the softness of lukewarm buffalo mozzarella, which in turn contains a heart of sapid sweetness between bottarga and tomato confit: this perfect game between flavors and textures conquers the senses leaving indelible memories of our kitchen.

Ingredients (4 pp.)

  • Ginger 20 gr
  • Soy 5 gr
  • Extra virgin olive oil 50 ml
  • Lime 5 ml
  • Lemon 5 ml
  • Thin green beans 100 gr
  • salt q.b.
  • Peas sprouts


Fillet the amberjack, after having passed it in a temperature blast chiller and rivive it, until obtaining fillets of a fairly homogeneous shape. Cut and reduce them into cubes of about one centimeter.

Put the ginger, soy, lime, lemon and oil in a mixer and let it go until you have a homogeneous emulsion. sift through and season the amberjack pulp, stirring well. Meanwhile, blanch the beans for 5 minutes and cool immediately after in water and ice, to keep the color bright.

Drain well and season with salt and oil, after opening them in half vertically.

Preparation of the dish:

With the aid of a mold, place the amberjack pulp in the center of the plate. Arrange the green beans over them and garnish with peas sprouts.